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Winter Solstice — Earth’s rebirth

Around this time of the year, the sun’s midday height in the sky changes only marginally. However, its minimum zenith, concluding precisely at 3:27 this morning, undeniably signifies a turning point for all inhabitants of the northern hemisphere — the Winter Solstice.

This day then stands as the shortest, beginning the sun’s gradual ascent and the retreat of darkness. Midwinter, yule, the year’s pivot, Earth’s rebirth, a dawn of hope. Yet, it shall be a few weeks yet before the perceptible lengthening of days and the awaited arrival of spring become evident.

Does anyone celebrate the Winter Solstice anymore, that ancient pagan festival, or has it seamlessly assimilated into the build-up to Christmas?

The featured image for today is, of course, Roseberry Topping, etymologically identified as Odin’s Mountain. Quite fitting, given that certain legends attribute to Odin the bestowing of gifts during the Yuletide season, astride a mystical airborne steed traversing the heavens. A narrative that may have morphed with the tale of St. Nicholas into the contemporary figure of Santa Claus.



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