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An encounter with the gamekeeper

The North York Moors Historic Enviroment Record describes this ruin as a “post medieval sheep fold identified from historic mapping with slight structural remains,” but the dressed stones to me point to a more substantial building1NYM HER No: 9698.

I am on Warren Moor looking down on the secluded Leven Vale. Now, the “field” beyond that fence isn’t Open Access Land, as a pompous gamekeeper so eagerly emphasised. Oh no, he made sure to enlighten me, his patronising tone dripping with unfulfilled expectations, hoping against hope that I had foolishly ventured across that forbidden terrain.

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    NYM HER No: 9698







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  1. Robert MacNamara avatar
    Robert MacNamara

    At least he didn’t point a shotgun at you or release the dogs . Back in 1979, I once had a landowner greet me at the entrance of a National Historic Property and inform me that I could not enter the grounds to view the gardens since ” white trash had taken private property ( garden decor ) in the past . ” He had a shotgun in hand and was not friendly . I left with no further problems . It takes all kinds , but at least he was trying to perform his duties .

  2. Stephen avatar

    In 2021 I reported the felling of multiple veteran Rowan trees in this area (on the open access around the Warren Moor and Source of the Leven labels on the OS25k map, the trees are actually shown on the map).

    This was confirmed as unconsented tree felling and a damaging operation in a SSSI by Natural England. (removing the only natural broadleaf trees for miles in a sea of heather). The trees had been left in situ at the time though I felt that was done to disguise the work as opposed to creating habitat.

    The only reason to remove the veteran trees I could think of was to reduce self seeding in the area and therefore save a job for the gamekeeper. The heather was burned right up to the boggy sources of the Leven as well in 2021. Flustrating.

    Natural England sent a formal letter to the estate and received assurances that no further felling would take place (though there wasn’t much left to fell now).

    It would be interesting to see how the area is getting on and if there has been further felling or any broadleaf tree regeneration.

    1. Fhithich avatar

      Interesting. You’ll have to show me the exact location. I can see if I have any old photos to compare.

    2. Fhithich avatar

      Apparently I was mistaking you for another Stephen. Apologies. Can you give me a location where this unconsented tree felling was? Thanks.

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