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The iconic Bilsdale Mast has reached its final heights

Located on the east side of Bilsdale, Ellermire is a working farm that also holds significant historical value as the site of a medieval grange1North York Moors Historic Environment Record (HER) No: 4817. The name ‘Ellermire’ is derived from an earlier Anglian settlement and refers to a ‘swan pool’2“The North York Moors Landscape Heritage”. Edited by D.A.Spratt and B.J.D.Harrison. Page 55. David & Charles. 1989. ISBN 0 7153 93472..

However, the true point of interest in the accompanying photo lies on the skyline that stretches across the dale. It has recently been announced that the construction of Bilsdale Mast is complete, with the final section of steelwork having been hoisted and affixed earlier this week3‘The New Bilsdale Mast Steelwork Reaches Highest Point in New Footage | Bilsdale Mast: Project Restore’. 2023. Bilsdale Mast: Project Restore <https://www.bilsdalemast.co.uk/latest-news/posts/the-new-bilsdale-mast-steelwork-reaches-highest-point-in-new-footage/> [accessed 21 April 2023]. The next step is to install the necessary broadcasting equipment, with the aim of finishing the entire project before the end of this Spring.

The Bilsdale Mast, standing tall at approximately 300 metres, is one of the highest structures in the United Kingdom. It is worth noting that this is a reduced height from the original mast, which weighed 500 tonnes and was unfortunately damaged by a fire on 10th August 2021. Nevertheless, the Bilsdale Mast will serve as a vital transmitter for television signals, providing access to approximately 670,000 households across North Yorkshire, the Tees Valley, and County Durham, both in rural and urban areas. The red aircraft warning light on the tower will continue to act as a significant navigation aid for anyone crossing the western moors after dark.








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    Jane Dickerson

    I haven’t been receiving your posts recently. I hope you haven’t quit!
    I live in the US, Minnesota, specifically. I enjoy reading about the places & history you write about.


    Jane Dickerson

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      Sorry Jane, I’ve been away, incommunicado as they say. And out all tonight. Hoping to post a catch up tomorrow night (Sunday 21:00 BST).

      All the best, Mick

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