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A view up the valley of Bransdale on a sunny day with blue skies. In the foreground, ruinous dry stone walls enclosing an overgrown track, now a Public Bridleway.

A day with National Trust: replacing the fencing at Stork House

I recall reading that the path that runs through Stocking Crag wood and passes Stork House was the original route in and out of the valley, though I’m unsure of the source. Unfortunately, due to landslides within the wood, it’s nearly impossible to navigate through it without using your own two feet.

Today being Thursday, I joined the National Trust on a return trip to Stork House to complete the task of replacing the fencing around the dilapidated farm buildings. This has been done to prevent sheep and other curious visitors from wandering inside. It’s disheartening to see the precarious state of the buildings, but since there’s no vehicular access available, there’s not much we can do to improve the situation.

On the bright side, it was an absolutely stunning day to be out and about. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and there was a gentle breeze blowing. During the day, I was lucky enough to catch glimpses of curlews, lapwings, and kites, and even a startled barn owl.






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