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Site of Medieval Farmstead and Ring Enclosure

Running around the foothills of the Sidlaw Hills above Fingask, and, as usual, I was easily distracted trying to locate the humps and bumps indicative of archaeological features.

All the features turned out to be quite subtle, except for this farmstead, which was particularly noticeable, thanks to the low winter sun.

The discovery of the site was made through aerial photography, which remains the most effective method for obtaining a comprehensive view of it — see here.

Located on the eastern side of an extensive field system, the farmstead consists of two adjacent rectangular enclosures and the remnants of a 10.4 x 5m building, which was likely constructed from turf1‘Over Fingask | Canmore’. 2023. Canmore.org.uk <https://canmore.org.uk/site/68078> [accessed 9 March 2023].

To the south and adjacent to the two rectangular enclosures of the farmstead, there are the remains of a circular enclosure, measuring approximately 6m in diameter and characterised by a low bank2‌‘Over Fingask | Canmore’. 2023. Canmore.org.uk <https://canmore.org.uk/site/68079> [accessed 9 March 2023].






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