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Long range view of the village of Osmotherley on the western edge of the North York Moors.

Recent deforestation of Thimberby bank has unveiled stunning vistas of the Vale of Mowbray

To the north, the honeypot village of Osmotherley, lies snuggly between the Hambleton Hills and the Cleveland Hills.

The name, Osmotherley, is derived from ‘ley‘, a clearing, belonging to ‘Asmund’ or ‘Osmund’. Its title was recorded in the Domesday Book as ‘Asmundrelac’, before being transformed to ‘Osmundeslay’ and ‘Osmonderlay’.

Yet, there is also a legendary tale associated with the village. It is said that Osmotherley derived its name from Oswald or Osmund, a villager who ventured out to look for his mother on a freezing winter’s night, as she had failed to return home from collecting firewood. Unable to carry her, he laid himself down beside her and passed away from the intense cold. Therefore, it is believed that Osmotherley is where the unfortunate mother of Oswald lies and the village was christened after her.

A more illustrious interpretation to the tale exists, where it is Northumbrian prince called ‘Oswi’ who was lain to rest beside his mother who died in gried after Oswi had drowned in a spring on Roseberry Topping.




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