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… on the North York Moors, or wherever I happen to be.

A stone Estate Boundary Marker on a heather moorland inscribed with 'TC G 1860' .

Where was I?

A very gloomy morning with low cloud covering the moors.

So a “where was I?” conundrum for you at this festive time.

But please, no spoilers, I will reveal the answer after Xmas.

As you can see, the photo is of a stone boundary marker on some moorland and inscribed with the initials and year ‘TC G 1860’ .

And a few clues, crytic crossword style:

  • 1st Word: It comes under the hammer but no one bids for it! (4)
  • 2nd Word: It went through the wringer horribly in heavy editing (9)
  • 3rd Word: Engaged in fisticuffs, perhaps, when doing away with it (9)

The three answers are the three words identified by a What3Words location.

So replace the three answers in the URL https://what3words.com/1stWord.2ndWord.3rdWord press enter and if you come up with a location in outer Mongolia then you can be pretty sure you have the wrong location.

For the answer, click on Page 2.





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