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Super autumnal lighting before what seems like an impending storm

But although it turned dark and winding with a bit of a drizzle I managed to get back to the car dry.

I am on Cringle Moor, or Cringley Moor as it used to be called. This was pronounced in the vernacular ‘Creenay‘, which I guess why it was often written as Cranimoor1Walks In Yorkshire. BILSDALE,—RYEDALE,—HAMBLETON HILLS | Wakefield Free Press | Saturday 20 August 1864 | British Newspaper Archive. [online] Available at: https://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/viewer/bl/0002893/18640820/005/0002 [Accessed 13 Apr. 2022]..

According to the 1857 O.S. map Cringley Moor covers most of the area in the photo, including up to the far summit, Brown Hill, or what we now know as Carlton Moor. It was part of the Feversham estate, owned by the Lord Duncombe of Helmsley.

Of course we now call this col at the head of Raisdale, the Lord Stones Country Park.

Which is a pet hate of mine. It should have been the Lords Stone after the  Three Lords Stone, so named as the meeting point of the estates of three Lords: Duncombe of Helmsley, Marwood of Busby Hall and Aislesby — OK, I admit to a wee bit of pedantry. The stone is situated on the edge of a tumulus where the Cleveland Way crosses the Carlton to Chop Gate road.



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