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Spawood Mine Switch House

I think this is an old switch house to the Spawood Ironstone Mine — I must admit I am relying on a map produced by the last operators of the mine, Dorman, Long & Co. Limited reprinted in Simon Chapman’s booklet “Guisborough District Mines”1Chapman, Simon. “Guisborough District Mines”. Page 70. Cleveland Ironstone Series. 2001..

The mine, the drift of which was off to the right, had an operational life of around 80 years, from the 1850s to about 1930. At the turn of the century, some 800 men were employed. The royalty extended beyond Westworth Reservoir. Although no mining actually took place below the reservoir itself — a reservation existed — nevertheless, in 1929, cracks developed and there was a subsequent water scare in Guisborough. It is thought this contributed to the closure of the mine2Ibid. Page 78..


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