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Site of Blakey House

A lone gate post and some lumps and bumps mark the site of a long gone farmstead called Blakey House.

The buildings must have been still extant pre-WW2 as is it recorded they were destroyed during military trainingfor that conflict1‘NYMNPA HER Records (Monuments) HER Map: North York Moors National Park’. HER Nos.: 8048/10052. <https://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/discover/archaeology/her-map> [accessed 11 August 2022].

The age of the farmstead is given as ‘post medieval’ which could be anytime between 1540 to 1901. Near abouts there are several old field boundaries.

The farm lies at the northern end of Thompson’s Rigg which has countless Bronze Age cairns, howes, earlt cultivation banks and standing stones2Ibid. HER No: 6062



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  1. […] The two bases are the remains of a a 2nd World War accomodation hut and water tank. and road at Blakey Topping1HER No: 18315/18316. A photo I took in 2007 on a cloudless January day shows the accomodation hut extant and was a pretty basic Nissan type. More research might be fruitful but it is tempting to suppose the building were related to the destruction of nearby Blakey House by the military, the subject of a post a couple of weeks ago. […]

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