Another sunny morning, but a tad windy on the Topping

“Trace in the sky
the painter’s brush —
Then winds around
you soon will rush”

The last few days have dawned with blue skies and a smattering of cirrus clouds.

High wispy cirrus clouds are composed of ice crystals and usually portend an approaching depression from the west and the associated deterioration of the weather. We did have a shower yesterday afternoon and again this evening but nothing to write home about.

Low pressure to the west of Northern Ireland has been largely static and is forecasted to drift northwards.

The painter’s brush in the proverb refers to the streaks of wispy cirrus (2022). The Painter’s Brush The Proverb Refers Not Picturesque Cloud Formations, But To Streaks Of Wispy Cirrus Cloud. These Extremely High-Flying | Daily Record | Tuesday 14 October 1941 | British Newspaper Archive. [online] Available at: [Accessed 25 Jun. 2022]..  Wind speeds always increase when a depression approaches.

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