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Kildale Chapel Site

The archaelogical dig at Kildale is well into its second season. One trench has been extended and a new trench opened. Pottery sherds continue to be found although not as many as last year. The multiple walls are an enigma suggesting several phases of building.

The site is believed to be a private medieval chapel built for the Percy family in the 13th-century.

Trench 1 — Well defined walls and a sort of drain. Plenty of pottery suggesting this is an accommodation room.
Trench 2 — Another walls. Roof tiles and more pottery came out of this trench.
Trench 3 — The cover is protecting a ‘sacrarium’, a soak-away drain for the disposal of water used in washing altar linens, chalices, etc.
Trench 4 — Overlaping walls which don’t seem to line up with walls in other trenches.
Trench 6 — A new trench this year. Another wall. The root of that tree is a pain. Little pottery found which is not surprising in the chapel itself.





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