Cleveland Hills

Another splodgy run up Capt. Cook’s monument and on to Roseberry, with distance views of the sun capped Cleveland Hills. Five minutes later I was in a blinding blizzard.

On Easby Moor and in Newton Wood there was much evidence of off-road motorcycles and quad bikes. Circuits of the monument seem to have been particularly good fun. It’s a shame that in these lockdown times, certain inconsiderate users spoil and degrade the environment for the rest of us.

As I write this our Prime Minister is telling us his new lockdown instructions. If these depress you, here’s the official Bill of Mortality for the week 21-28 February 1664 for London:

Bills of Mortality, February 21–28, 1664
Bill of Mortality for 21–28 February 1664

The good news that week was that there were not yet any deaths from the Plague but the 1665–66 epidemic would claim an estimated 100,000, a quarter of London’s population at the time.

The main causes of death in 1664 were from ‘Consumption‘, ‘Dropsie‘, and ‘Feaver‘. More intriguing were the deaths due to “Mouldfallen”, “Rising of the lights”, “Wormes” or just “Suddenly”.

Not sure if this actually makes me feel better or worse…

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