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The Big Mountain and the Toad of Lorn

A short trot up Beinn Mhòr, the ‘big mountain’.

Not the Beinn Mhòr of Mull (better known by its anglicised name of Ben More), at 965m the only Munro requiring a ferry trip. Nor the two other Munros with the same name in Perthshire and Assynt. Nor even the 741m high Beinn Mhòr on Cowal overlooking Loch Eck.

No, this Beinn Mhòr would be truly dwarfed by these mountains. This Beinn Mhòr is a mere 194m high but stands like a watchtower giving a spectacular panorama across the Firth of Lorn. I am tempted to think this may have been the purpose of the ancient fort on the subsidiary summit, Losgann Larnach, which intriguingly translates as ‘the Toad of Lorn’. On the seaward side the fort would have been protected by some dramatic cliffs and a rock tower. You can see them on this photo, 200 metres away from the trig. pillar.

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