Remains of old forest, Gleann Sithidh

Today is Earth Day 2020, an event which I fear will go largely unheeded.

Without doubt Corvid 19 is a global crisis yet we are in another global crisis which is not happening so fast, but it is happening all the same. Climate change.

The theme for this 50th anniversary of Earth Day is climate action. An enormous challenge for the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable.

Corvid 19 has caused us to instigate a global economic crisis in order to save lives. It is incredible progress and our wake up call. Let us hope we do not relapse when this is all over.

Today’s photo is of some old tree trunks remaining after the erosion of the peat. I believe they are the remains of the Great Wood of Caledon, a continuous tree covering of the glens and lower slopes that existed 7-8,000 years ago. Climate change led to heath and bog vegetation dominating with a lowering of the tree line. Peat accumulation gradually buried the stumps.

A gentle reminder that climate change is a natural ongoing process, but it is man’s activities since the industrial revolution that have exacerbated the change.

Gleann Sithidh, the Fairy Glen, is in the upper reaches of Glen Cannich.
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