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River Kinder

Some may have noticed I didn’t post yesterday. While Harrogate and the Yorkshire Dales were basking in sunshine watching the cycling world championships (this was Saturday!), 50 miles away, west of the Pennines, we were suffering twenty-four hours of torrential rain. I managed to take half a dozen photos with my phone of mist-covered hills and curtains of rain but when I got back to the van, I found the screen was dead. No life at all. I didn’t think it had got too wet, it was in a waterproof pocket but …

A salient reminder that water and electronics do not mix. It’s a good job I didn’t need the phone for navigation.

The rain continued overnight but a lull this morning. With the Kinder plateau still shrouded in cloud, I opted for a low-level circuit of Kinder Reservoir before breakfast. For those that like a few facts, the reservoir was built completed in 1912 to supply the need for water for the inhabitants of Stockport. The reservoir today is operated by United Utilities and continues to satisfy the demand for clean water.

And of course, it is Michaelmas, St. Michael’s day, when according to a French proverb “rain does not stay long in the sky”. It was on this day that St Michael expelled Lucifer from heaven, who fell and landed in a prickly blackberry bush. Satan cursed and urinated on them so that they would be unfit for eating. So no more blackberry picking.

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