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A few days ago there was a posting on the village FaceBook page about a new “mindfulness” group being set up. When I enjoy the quiet tranquillity of the woods and moors that are right on our doorstep I find that I’m just a bit sceptical of the desire to find contemplation and peacefulness in a village hall full of other people. Waldeinsamkeit is a German word which has no direct English equivalent. Google translates it as “solitude of the forest” which doesn’t quite do it justice. I understand it is not loneliness as such but that feeling of enjoyment you get when you’re alone in nature. I feel it every time I go out, on sunny days, on rainy days, or in a blizzard. On the moors, in the woods and forests, in the mountains. At one with nature.

Today’s photo is Guisborough Woods, typical commercial forestry of the North York Moors. I have been using this path since 1973 when the trees were querulous teenagers. The openness of the mature forest belies the thick undergrowth of vicious brambles.

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