Roseberry Crag Rockfall

I heard there had been a rockfall off Roseberry crag while I was on holiday in Scotland so I headed up and took this to try and show. There are several patches of unweathered rock both on the crag face and on the talus below. One block that has come off is directly below the person on the summit taking a selfie.

Perhaps it is better to compare with a before shot. The first one below is one I took in November last year. Not the same angle so a little difficult. But the bush of gorse on the left can be made out. The second dates from July 2007 and clearly shows a substantial block has come off which I didn’t know about. All part of the natural process of mass wasting, meaning to the downward movement of rock through gravity. How many millennia before it is flat?

Roseberry Nov 2018

Roseberry July, 2007

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