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Newton Moor

The mosaic of a managed heather moor, managed to maximise the number of grouse. Heather is burnt to encourage young growth which the grouse feed on. Patches of tall old heather are left for nesting. Yet every square inch of land in the photo (beyond the boundary stone) is National Trust property. The heather was subjected to burning last winter. I have previously found animal traps. There are signs on the track on the left saying “No bikes” and “No dogs”, neither actually incorrect but both intimidating. As I understand it, although the moor is National Trust property, a third party retains the shooting rights, so the Trust appears powerless to manage it for all wildlife.

The boundary stone is early 19th-century and is on top of a Bronze Age round cairn. It marks the boundary between the former parishes of Hutton Lowcross and Newton. The stone is inscribed “TKS 1815”.

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