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Jack Sledge Road

Ever get that feeling of lethargy during the dark winter months.
It hit me today.
Must have melatonin to spare.
And a wee sniffle didn’t help.
So a potter around Danby Rigg.
This is the Jack Sledge Road as it descends into Little Fryup Dale.
It must be an ancient track linking the dale with Danby Botton.
But who was Jack Sledge?

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2 responses to “Jack Sledge Road”

  1. Tony Greenwood avatar

    Actually it looks like a sledge road. Miners used to carry down their workings in sledges.
    So the question is “Who was miner Jack?”

  2. John Severs avatar
    John Severs

    In Hartley and Ingleby’s book ”Life in the moorlands of north east Yorkshire” there are many references to the use of sledges. They were mainly used for leading turves from the peat diggings and other uses on the farms.

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