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Upper Ryedale

Compared to other moorland dales, such as Bilsdale, Farndale and Bransdale, the valley of the upper River Rye is relatively infertile. The river has not eroded through the sandstones to reveal the underlying shales and the broad fertile valley bottoms of these other dales are missing. Instead, there are rarely more than two fields either side of the River Rye and its tributaries.

The photo was taken whilst climbing Locker bank onto Arden Great Moor looking north-east across Ryedale to Snilesworth Moor. Snilesworth Lodge is hidden by the trees on the left, centre is the twin dales of Proddale Beck and Arns Gill, separated by Scotgrave Ridge. far right is Cow Ridge with Iron Howe.

Snilesworth Moor is part of the 5,612-acre Whorlton Moor estate. The estate has recently provided free a training workshop for Natural England employees to give them “an insight into the day-to-day management of a driven grouse moor to better equip them with the skills and understanding to work together with land managers, farmers and gamekeepers on the restoration of upland habitats.” There is actually a hyperlink on that very government web page to the sporting agency that is handling shooting of grouse on the moor for the estate. And here’s me thinking Natural England was all about nature conservation. What next, drug dealers organising training days for the police!

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