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The Children of Eskdale

Barry Cockcroft is perhaps best known for his highly acclaimed film “Too Long a Winter” about Hannah Hauxwell, who lived alone on a remote farm without electricity or running water in Baldersdale in the Pennines. He later made a film about five children growing up in the early 70s on a Great Fryup Dale farm. “The Children of Eskdale” is a fascinating film of social history, available to view on the British Film Institute website. The siblings roam the length of the dale and into neighbouring dales. A single decker bus takes the children to school in Lealhom where the highlight of the year is the school disco. The film taunted me with glimpses of the skyline of the dales. Some I recognised, most I didn’t. I finally concluded the Raw family farm was Lawns Gate, nearest, right of centre in the photo, overlooking Eskdale. Great Fryup Dale is to the left. Thoroughly recommended viewing.



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3 responses to “The Children of Eskdale”

  1. Lucy Hodgson avatar
    Lucy Hodgson

    It is Lawnsgate Farm. It mentioned in a book by Barry Cockcroft named Sunley’s Daughter where a chapter of the book is dedicated to the Raw family

    1. Fhithich avatar

      Thanks Lucy. Sibley’s Daughter is another of his films. Set at Girrick near the Jolly Sailors. I intend to pass by sometime.

  2. […] couple of weeks ago I posted about a fascinating film made in the 1970s by Barry Cockcroft for ITV television called “The Children of Eskdale&#…. Another film by Cockcroft and available on the BFI website is “Sunley’s […]

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