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Public Bridleway through Coalmire Wood

This annoys me.¬†Intimidating signs erected across a Public Right of Way, clearly shown as such on the O.S. maps and on the North York Moors National Park’s own mapping portal. I took the photo above at point A, and the one below, of a padlocked gate, at point B. Both maps indicate a Public Bridleway on which both bikes and dogs are allowed but the locked gate makes life difficult for both. Now I know that the NYM mapping portal says that its map cannot be relied¬†upon to give the exact physical location of a RoW. The OS maps again say something similar. Only the Definitive Map gives the precise route of a Right of Way. To view that I would need to arrange a trip to the NYM National Park offices in Helmsley. The NYM National Park is responsible for managing all Public Rights of Way in the National Park, it would be very lax of them if their data is wrong. They have even given it a number: 428050. When I got home I had a look at Bill Cowley’s 1967 book of the Lyke Wake Walk in which he describes the route as crossing the road above the cattle grid and following signs erected by Lord Ingleby along the track through the woods. Clearly a reference to this track.

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