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Park Plantation Quarry

First snow of the year. Nothing more than a flurry but still snow. Went searching for the site of a plane crash on Ingleby Bank. On 9 June 1941 an Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk. V from the No.51 Sqn. RAF. flew into the hillside in poor visibility. It was returning to RAF Dishforth from a raid on Dortmund. The crew of five were all killed. I had a 6 figure grid reference, but that would mean only a 100 x 100 metre square area of bracken covered, boulder strewn forested hillside to search. Apparently, there is wreckage still there. I failed to find anything but did come across this relic of sandstone quarrying. Holding down bolts set in a rebate on a massive boulder. Probably for a winch to lower the rock sledges down the incline. The large quarry first appears on the 1895 Ordnance Survey map. In the late 19th century Ingleby Manor was substantially remodelled. I guess that would be a prime candidate for the use of the stone. The manor can (just) be made out in the photo right of centre.



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  1. Bob Howe avatar
    Bob Howe

    Possibly the Smellys could do a detailed search of the area for the aircraft remains one Tuesday evening in the spring before the bracken comes through.

  2. John avatar

    If your ref is close to the large quarry then it’s a bit off. If you email me I can let you have a 10 figure ref (presume my email address is visible to you). Can’t have the Smellys cluttering the track on a Tuesday night, some of us have homes to get to. ; )

    Interestingly the site was visited in early September this year by the Observer’s granddaughter and and great grandson on holiday from their home in Australia. The Observer’s daughter, who was born 3 months after he died in the crash, had attempted to visit the site 20 years ago from Austarlia but had failed to locate it (not surprising as until recently it was in thick forest).

  3. […] The lowest of these quarries is at 230m level. Here the incline branches, one climbs to a quarry at 330m level, the main incline to one at 290m. The 330m quarry was the subject of a post in 2015. […]

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