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Category: East Cleveland

  • Guibal fan-house, Skelton Shaft ironstone mine

    Guibal fan-house, Skelton Shaft ironstone mine

    A great visit around the surface remains of the Skelton Park and Skelton Shaft Ironstone Mines, guided by the knowledgeable Simon and Steve from the Cleveland Mining History Society (CMHS). Along with the¬†powder magazine, the fan-house at Skelton Shaft are the only buildings remaining. The rest of the site was demolished as a condition of…

  • Moorsholm Docks

    Moorsholm Docks

    Right on the High Street of this delightful little village that just missed out on the ironstone mining activities of the rest of East Cleveland, is a row of six sunken sandstone water troughs that have become known as the Moorsholm Docks. Probably dating from the 19th-century they are fed by piped water from a…

  • Skelton Park Pit

    Skelton Park Pit

    Very little remains of Cleveland ironstone mines. It was second only to coal as the UK’s biggest extractive industry. Ironstone had been mined in the Cleveland Hills since the 12th Century when primitive furnaces called bloomeries were used to melt the iron out of stone gained from rock outcrops along the dale sides. But it…

  • Saltburn Pier

    Saltburn Pier

    “Forth, Tyne, Dogger:¬†East 5 to 7, occasionally gale 8 in Forth and Dogger, veering southeast 4 or 5 later. Rough, occasionally very rough later in Forth and Dogger. Occasional rain. Moderate or good”. A late afternoon walk on the beach at Saltburn¬†with¬†the tide on the turn. Breezy¬†and big seas.