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  • Ward Nab (aka Cook’s Crags)

    Ward Nab (aka Cook’s Crags)

    Ward Nab on the edge of Coate Moor is much beloved by local climbers who know it simply as Cook’s Crags. It overlooks the sleepy village of Kildale — the dale of Chil — and used to host a medieval market. Even in more recent times it had a pub, a post office, and a…

  • A match and a hatch in a Yorkshire village

    A match and a hatch in a Yorkshire village

    Capt. Cook’s Monument was busy, busy this morning. The early sunshine brought out the crowds. But while everyone headed as far as the monument, a hundred metres or so south-east, Cook’s Crags above Kildale was deserted. A favourite viewpoint of mine. And now, still in the festive mood, a complete rambling diversion. A quiz question,…

  • Cook’s Crags overlooking Kildale

    Cook’s Crags overlooking Kildale

    Named as Ward Nab on the largest scale maps but known affectionately as Cook’s Crags by the climbing community. The ling is blooming nicely, here seen in a more natural setting than the vast swathes of moorland with which it is normally associated. The low lying shrub has been used through the ages as a…

  • Ward Nab

    Ward Nab

    A stunted oak tree precariously growing out of a crag at Ward Nab on the south eastern edge of Easby Moor. The rock athletes are perhaps more familiar with the name of Cook’s Crags but Ward Nab is the name that appears on the OS Map. Overlooking the forestry plantations of Coate Moor and Kildale.