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  • Cod Beck Reservoir — a view from Swinestye lane

    Cod Beck Reservoir — a view from Swinestye lane

    Opened in 1953, the 115 million gallon reservoir has grown in popularity since it was first opened to the public in 1989 after Yorkshire Water was privatised. The surrounding woodland, planted soon afterwards, is now being cleared, and it won’t be too long before the ruins of the two old farms once again see the…

  • Catoptrical wonderment

    Catoptrical wonderment

    After the storm of the weekend, Cod Beck Reservoir looks very serene this Monday morning.

  • Cod Beck Reservoir

    Cod Beck Reservoir

    The head of the reservoir in the Sheep Wash valley captures the low-lying November sun. Cod Beck Reservoir was opened in 1953 for the Northallerton and District Water Board, but one had actually been mooted in the 19th-century as part of a proposed scheme by the Borough of Stockton-on-Tees. In the Parliamentary session for 1869,…

  • Site of High Dam reservoir

    Site of High Dam reservoir

    Cod Beck on a summer’s day. The threat of storms has kept the visitors away. Normally this would be heaving. It’s been a popular spot for thousands of years. During the construction of the car park, evidence of prehistoric occupation was found. During the mid-18th-century, there was a reservoir here supplying a head of water…

  • ‘A Yorkshire Tragedy’

    ‘A Yorkshire Tragedy’

    What to post about today? It’s either feast or famine. Could I muse misty-eyed about the feast day of a venerated Roman soldier who was born in Turkey of Greek stock and who (probably) never set foot in England and (also probably) never slew a dragon. Or I could celebrate the birthday in 1564 of…

  • Codbeck Reservoir

    Codbeck Reservoir

    Not much wind this Christmas Day morning. The proverbial millpond. Plenty of folks making use of the perimeter path. Christmas Day, the day most Christians celebrate the birth of Christ. It hasn’t always been celebrated on this date. Prior to the 5th-century when Church leaders agreed to fix the date of the birth of Christ,…

  • Cod Beck Reservoir

    Cod Beck Reservoir

    I’m not sure if this is going to work. If it does you should see a link to a FaceBook album of some photos of the dam under construction. I’m not sure if it’ll work if you are not a member of that FaceBook group. Hint: click on the link under “12 – Cod Beck…

  • Code Beck Reservoir

    Code Beck Reservoir

    From Scarth Wood Moor. The little carpark at the top end of Cod Beck Reservoir quickly gets full. Tomorrow, a Bank Holiday Sunday will be even busier. The cars parked on the right verge risk being ticketed – there are parking restrictions along the lane which are vigorously enforced. Scarth Wood Moor is a National…

  • Cod Beck Reservoir

    Cod Beck Reservoir

    A chilly circumnavigation of Cod Beck reservoir. Above the sky is blue with just a hint of cirrus but down in the valley, the Greylags on their watery roost have yet to feel the warmth of the morning sun. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Cod Beck Reservoir

    Cod Beck Reservoir

    Considering the weather maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised to see Cod Beck Reservoir so low but I’ve never seen it like this. I suspect Yorkshire Water have deliberately released some of the water, and quite recently, the shore was still soft with a nice aroma. Open Space Web-Map builder Code