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  • Fryup Heads

    Fryup Heads

    An “isolated eminence”, according to the Rev. Canon Atkinson, seems an elegant way of describing the hill known as Heads, which separates the dales of Little and Great Fryup. Although designated ‘Open Access Land‘ there are few ways up onto the hill, consequently, it seems quiet and little walked. But historically it has been well…

  • Fryup Dale

    Fryup Dale

    Or more strictly, Great Fryup Dale, since the dale is generally said to comprise two parallel steep sided u-shaped valleys: Little and Great Fryup Dale,  connected by a col, Fairy Cross Plain. Both dales are broad and flat with steep rims of scrub and patches of ancient deciduous woodland. In searching the history of the…

  • Great Fryup Dale from above Raven Hill

    Great Fryup Dale from above Raven Hill

    Regular readers will have realised that my latest preoccupation is searching old newspaper archive for snippets of lost history. Great Fryup Dale seems to have been a very untroubled valley – free from murders or unfortunate accidents. But I did come across a report from the Daily Gazette For Middlesbrough, dated 9 June 1879, of…

  • Stanch Bullen and Round Hill

    Stanch Bullen and Round Hill

    I’ve always thought this was Fairy Cross Plain but that is not strictly correct. That name belongs to the col just off to the right, where Little Fryup Dale becomes Great Fryup Dale, where the myth persisted through the centuries as the home of elves and fairies. The small rounded knoll has a more descriptive…

  • Great Fryup Dale

    Great Fryup Dale

    A hot and humid day. Felt stifling on the descent into the bracken infested Wood Head, the top of Great Fryup Dale. The ling is just beginning to come into bloom. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • The Heads

    The Heads

    And today’s Feast Day is for Cædmon.

  • Sunshine over Danby

    Sunshine over Danby

    Over the Heads, heads in the clouds and Danby apricating far away. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Great Fryup Head

    Great Fryup Head

    A vague plan hatched. Mooch up to the head of the dale through Canon Atkinson’s undercliff. End up at Yew Grain, the waterfall on the left. But The Hills proved far too interesting so this is as far as we got. The waterfall on the right is Spa Dike. Arising out of George Gap Spa,…

  • The Heads, Great Fryup Dale

    The Heads, Great Fryup Dale

    I always like to make a connection with my daily photo with any words accompanying it. Sometimes, most times, I choose my words after taking the photo. Other times I know what I want to write and go out seeking a photo. So I was over in Great Fryup Dale this morning and struggling to…

  • The Children of Eskdale

    The Children of Eskdale

    Barry Cockcroft is perhaps best known for his highly acclaimed film “Too Long a Winter” about Hannah Hauxwell, who lived alone on a remote farm without electricity or running water in Baldersdale in the Pennines. He later made a film about five children growing up in the early 70s on a Great Fryup Dale farm.…