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  • Joan Hutton-Wilson Memorial

    Joan Hutton-Wilson Memorial

    I’ve come across this memorial before, in a bracken infested copse just off the steep Trenet Bank out of Bilsdale. I was almost surprised to find it: 1968 Joan Hutton-Wilson who loved Bilsdale Not that I thought it would have┬á disappeared. The main photo is the view from the memorial. Chop Gate is centre, the […]

  • Long lost pubs of Chop Gate

    Long lost pubs of Chop Gate

    The most substantive village in Bilsdale. The name, Chop Gate, pronounced ‘Chop Yat‘ in the vernacular, is thought to be derived from the Old English ‘ceap‘, which means a pedlar (chapman), hence the ‘pedlar’s road’. Perhaps this indicates that maybe once numerous trackways converged here from across the moors and the village was a thriving […]

  • Chop Gate

    Chop Gate

    Woe betides anyone who pronounces this village with a hard ‘g’, in the same way as your garden gate. As every Yorkshireman will tell you it’s Chop Yat which is a mix of etymological roots. The Yat is Old Norse for a road and Chop comes from the Old English ‘ceap‘ for an itinerant peddler. […]

  • Blacksmith's Forge, Chop Gate

    Blacksmith's Forge, Chop Gate

    A single storey sandstone building with date 0f 1826 on the door lintol. It underwent┬árestoration in 2008 after a gable had collapsed in storms the previous year. It is unused but still contains the original functionality although the beehive-shaped firehood was destroyed by┬áthe collapse. The building contains element of an earlier construction indeed a 1781 […]