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  • Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la la la la!

    Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la la la la!

    It’s been a bumper year for all sorts of fruits and berries, and the holly is no exception. I was fascinated by this holly bush on Ryston Bank ā€” the northern slope of Little Roseberry. Its branches are laden with bright red berries. In the distance is the flat topped Bousdale Hill with its fields […]

  • The Glover Landscape Review

    The Glover Landscape Review

    In May 2018 the Government commissioned an independent review led by journalist Julian Glover into whether the legislation for our National Parks and AONBs issued over 70 years ago, is still fit for purpose. The subsequent report was published in September 2019, and became known as the Glover Landscape Report. This 168 page report contains […]

  • Dry Stone Wall, Pinchinthorpe Moor

    Dry Stone Wall, Pinchinthorpe Moor

    I just love the two tone look of a dry stone wall splattered with snow. This is on the edge of Pinchinthorpe Moor. In the background is of course Roseberry Topping. Roseberry Topping was at one time mooted for a monument to Captain James Cook. A monument had been discussed for forty years but, in […]

  • A dismal day

    A dismal day

    I don’t usually moan about the weather. Just accept it as it comes. But today is indeed a dismal day. At least the Ancient Egyptian astrologers thought so. They calculated certain days of the year to be unlucky or evil, and today, 4th February, was one of them. There were 24 of them altogether, two […]

  • Roseberry from Ryston Bank

    Roseberry from Ryston Bank

    September, the meteorologists say we are now into autumn, the ‘back-end‘ of the year when mornings are that bit chillier and trees show signs of taking on their russet hues. In Macbeth, Shakespeare referred to the season as ‘sear‘. The King laments he is in the autumn of his life, he is cursed and will […]

  • Ryston Bank

    Ryston Bank

    Why do new shoes feel so good? Maybe I keep the old ones too long. No studs left but the Kevlar uppers are still OK. So with a spring in my step from the new pair and a smattering of snow on the Cleveland Hills, I head up onto Little Roseberry. The fire alarm at […]

  • Boundary stone, Ryston Bank

    Boundary stone, Ryston Bank

    Or perhaps better known as Newton Moor. The boundary stone is inscribed “T.K.S. 1815” and was erected by Thomas Kitchingham Staveley, the Lord of the Manor of Newton under Roseberry when the moor was enclosed. Interestingly towards the end of his life Staveley lived in Old Sleningford Hall, near Ripon, but named his eldest daughter […]

  • Yorkshire Fog

    Yorkshire Fog

    A couple of months ago, in the summer, I heard an assessor telling theĀ Duke of Edinburgh group I was supervising that the grass that which grows inĀ profusionĀ on disturbed or burnt areasĀ on the moors is called ‘Yorkshire Haze’. An interesting snippet of a local plant nameĀ I thought and locked it away in my grey cells. I […]

  • Roseberry Common

    Roseberry Common

    I have posted a photo of this new downhill mountain bike track on Ryston Bank before. It’s quite a feat of engineering. I don’t begrudge the building of the track but I am concerned aboutĀ the source of the sandstone rocksĀ used to make the berms and ramps. Roseberry Common, beyond the fence and ruined dry stone […]

  • Roseberry from Ryston Bank

    Roseberry from Ryston Bank

    After yesterday’s Victor Meldew posting I felt the need to post something more pleasanter. Until not so longĀ agoĀ this view of Roseberry from the north east would not have been possible. The hillside as far as the fence that can just be made out beyond the crag was blanketed in forestry. ItĀ has since been cleared felled […]