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Category: Lake District

  • Mickeldore


    The “Great Pass”, a narrow col connecting two of the highest mountains in England, Scafell and Scafell Pike. The direct route up to Scafell requires the ascent of a small rock step called Broad Stand. It’s just of two metres high. In climbing grades it’s a mere Difficult. Not particularly hard but too risky for…

  • Ruined Sheepfold, High Raise

    Ruined Sheepfold, High Raise

    On the slopes of High Raise looking down onto Stake Pass. That’s the High Raise in Wainwright’s Central Fells. There’s another one in the Eastern Fells. A generally dry with just the odd shower and swirling mist.

  • Stone Arthur

    Stone Arthur

    Back over in the Lakes again. The second time in a week in the Grasmere valley. A humid with threatening skies. But the rain held off and a break in the cloud allowed the sun to shine on Stone Arthur. With a prominence of just two metres it can hardly be called a summit. Just a  rocky knoll of breccia…

  • The Traveller's Rest

    The Traveller's Rest

    While the north east basked in sunshine the Lakes were clouded in mist. By noon the 398m high Helm Crag was only just clear. According to Wainwright Helm Crag, or the Lion and the Lamb, is the only fell requires climbing skills to reach the summit. Below on the climb up to Dunmail Raise is the Traveller’s Rest,…

  • Ill Bell Ridge

    Ill Bell Ridge

    On the west of the Kentmere valley. From Stony Cove Pike.

  • Grey Crag

    Grey Crag

    A directissimo evening ascent out of Hartsop to Angle Tarn. Very steep but good views. Grey Crag is the ridge with Pasture Bottom to its right leading to Treshthwaite Mouth. Left is Hayeswater.

  • Bowston Weir

    Bowston Weir

    A seemingly over engineering weir on the River Kent which drops 50m between Staverley and Kendal. Little used footpaths although the National Trail The Dales Way goes along the riverbank.

  • Buttermere Valley

    Buttermere Valley

    It started off as a bike ride around Rosedale on the North York Moors. Then my young scion suggested a day trip to Lakes instead. So that’s how I ended up climbing Honister Pass and the first time in the Lakes without going on the fells.

  • Lanty's Tarn

    Lanty's Tarn

    Lanty’s Tarn sits at the end of the ridge between the Grisedale and Glenridding valleys. It’s a natural tarn that has been enlarged with a concrete dam wall to provide a water supply to Patterdale Hall. There is some debate as to how the tarn was formed. One opinion is that the hollow which it…

  • Swart Beck

    Swart Beck

    In the Lakes for the week. This is Swart Beck, flowing through the ruins of Greenside Mine into Glenridding.