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  • Dove Crag and Hart Crag

    Dove Crag and Hart Crag

    Two mountains, twin peaks, Hart Crag at 2,698′, has its head in the clouds. Dove Crag, at 2,603′, is just about clear. I don’t think I have ever climbed either in their own right. Always on the way to or from Fairfield. And between them, the hanging valley of Houndshope Cove with its scores of…

  • Dovedale


    In the south of the Moors. It’s been over eighteen months since I was last here. The rich grassland of Dovedale is part of the National Trust’s Bridestones property. Prior to 2015, the dale was heavily infested with bracken, but since then the Trust has carried out annual cutting, by hand usually in two sessions.…

  • The Priest’s Hole

    The Priest’s Hole

    The view from the Priest’s Hole, a cave high on the side of Dove Crag and long-established bivouac but so especially since the BBC included it on their series “Secret Britain“. Access can be a little tricky and there has been at least one fatality as a result of the programme. When I was there,…

  • Dove Crag

    Dove Crag

    At 792 metres high Dove Crag is perhaps more famous for its climbing than as a mountain, a blip on the way to Fairfield but Dove Crag was actually the first fell that Wainwright wrote about. Seen here from a field near Hartsop Hall. The boulder is an erratic dumped by the retreating glaciers of…

  • Hartsop above How

    Hartsop above How

    A rather gloomy start to the day but climbing below Dove Crag in the eastern Lake District there were signs of breaks in the cloud. This is looking back on the Hartsop above How ridge. By the time Fairfield was summited there were blue skies. Open Space Web-Map builder Code