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Category: Hutton Lowcross

  • Clear Felling, Hutton Lowcross Woods

    Clear Felling, Hutton Lowcross Woods

    Recent felling, new vistas. I know it’s just a crop – in, get the job done, and out but I wish it wasn’t left in such a mess. The path is there somewhere. Below Hanging Stone on Ryston Nab. Highcliff Nab in the distance. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Blue Lake

    Blue Lake

    Not really a lake and definitely not blue, more of a mucky brown. It is, of course, a small dam and the blue refers to the blue colour it was said to be because of the salts of alum that leached into the water. It was built in 1880 by Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease to…

  • Hanging Stone, Ryston Nab

    Hanging Stone, Ryston Nab

    Hanging Stone, overlooking Hutton Lowcross. one of the many Deltaic sandstone outcrops along the scarp of the moors.The name is pretty common, presumably because like other crags from below it appears to hang over the valley. Ryston Nab, the nose on which its on, has a more interesting name being documented in the 14th century…

  • Witch’s Brooms

    Witch’s Brooms

    Harry Potter had a Nimbus 2000 but what Hutton Lowcross lacks in quality, it makes up for in quantity of Witch’s Brooms. This mature birch tree in Bousdale Wood has an abundance of them. Not broomsticks of course but galls, deformities caused from an invasion by another organism. This might be a fungus, insect, virus…

  • Hutton Hall

    Hutton Hall

    Only appreciated in its wooded grounds from this height on Kemplah  Bank. Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease, Bart, M.P., had Hutton Hall built as his country pile in 1866 which even included its own private railway station on the North Eastern Railway at Hutton Gate. The Pease money came from the railways, coal and iron, built…

  • Mystery wall

    Mystery wall

    Deep in the heart of Hutton Lowcross Wood, below the Hanging Stone, this wall of dressed sandstone is a bit of a mystery. It forms a small recess and seems to be on the same level as the old jet workings but these don’t usually have stonework associated with them being just small scale drifts into the…