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  • Crosscliff Beck

    Crosscliff Beck

    Volunteering with the National Trust at the furthest corner of what must be their remotest property. The task today was to repair the post and wire fencing along their boundary with Newgate Foot farm and to remove any overhanging branches from the alder and willow tress which align the beck. The boundary, actually along the…

  • Blakey Topping standing stones

    Blakey Topping standing stones

    Could this group of standing stones be the remains of a stone circle? Although only three stones are visible in the photo, there is certainly a fourth in an old field bank and one source says a fifth, although I didn’t spot either of these. In addition there are two or three hollows in the…

  • Is this a bee fly?

    Is this a bee fly?

    I have been told that this is a bee fly, a member of the Bombyliidae family but after looking at hundreds of pictures on the internet I am not so sure. There are 5,200 species of flies in the UK. I guess this one’s wingspan was about a centimetre and docile enough to enable me…

  • Crosscliffe Beck

    Crosscliffe Beck

    A dreich day with a mantle of mist over the trees that persisted all day. Separating the great expanses of Forestry Commission planting of Dalby and Langdale, Crosscliff Beck rises near Blakey Topping eventually flowing into the River Derwent. Open Space Web-Map builder Code