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  • Sunset, Scaling Dam Reservoir

    Sunset, Scaling Dam Reservoir

    On this day in 1926, it was reported, most probably in the Darlington & Stockton Times: A VILLAGE FEUD – Insult from Stokesley Much heat has been engendered in Great Ayton by an utterance from Councillor Robert Armstrong. The councillor is one of Stokesley’s representatives on the Rural District Council. At a recent meeting of…

  • A founderous circuit of Scaling Dam

    A founderous circuit of Scaling Dam

    No photo of the rising sun on this Winter Solstice, but one of Scaling Dam which has the distinction of being half in Tier 3 and half in Tier 2. There was not much activity. Just the odd angler. All watersports are in their winter hibernation. The state of the “Circular Walk” around the reservoir…

  • Bella Dale Slack

    Bella Dale Slack

    Another bright glorious day walking around Scaling Dam Reservoir but once again marred by smoke from moor burning. Bella Dale on Easington High Moor. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Scaling Dam

    Scaling Dam

    What came first the reservoir or the dam? I have always thought Scaling Dam was named after the village of Scaling when the reservoir was commissioned in 1958. But browsing the Ordnance Survey six-inch map of 1856 I noticed a hamlet by the name of Scalingdam comprising the sandstone buildings standing along the north side…

  • Green Hairstreak

    Green Hairstreak

    I almost disregarded it. Fluttering by too fast to chance a photograph. And with dull brown colouring on its top side wings, I thought it was a small moth. It was only when it landed and closed its wings that their vivid green undersides were displayed. A Green Hairstreak butterfly, beautiful. Normally liking to feed…