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Category: Easby Moor

  • Easby Moor

    Easby Moor

    It’s that mellow time of the year with every other field growing rapeseed. Used for animal feeds, vegetable oil and biodiesel. Easby Moor in the distance with Captain Cook’s monument. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Grýlukerti


    An exploration of the rocks of Cook’s Crags on Easby Moor. And lots of icicles in the overhangs. The Icelandic word for icicle is grýlukerti which literally translates as Grýla’s candle. Grýla was an ogress who lived a cave in the mountains with her thirteen boys. At Christmas, she would come down to the villages…

  • Ruined wall, Easby Bank

    Ruined wall, Easby Bank

    No snow on the North York Moors, well maybe a just a skith, as some Southerners would say, a light dusting, barely enough to cover the paths. But very cold through with a bitter, lazy wind. Lazy because it goes straight through you without swirling around. The wall divides Little Ayton Moor and Easby Moor…