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Author: Fhithich

  • Roseberry in the distance

    Roseberry in the distance

    A nice view of Roseberry Topping across the vale of Cleveland. But it is the¬†jumbled collection of rocks below the Wain Stones that has long¬†intrigued me. Dumped there by the last glacier that passed by on its way southwards it¬†must have provided ideal temporary shelter with good views for mesolithic man as he began the…

  • Hutton Moor

    Hutton Moor

    This path across Hutton Moor provides a pleasant alternative from the hard gravel of the parallel forestry track on the other side of the fence. In spite of the heather moorland¬†being Open Access Land the path is frequently used by dog walkers and mountain bikers. It is also a SSSI.¬†A week ago I was running…

  • Leven Vale

    Leven Vale

    My DofE group today decided to explore the upper reaches of the River Leven. A quiet, unfrequented¬†area¬†of heather moorland on a warm, sunny day giving views I’ve never seen before. In the centre on the far side of the valley is the tall chimney of the Warren Moor Ironstone Mine. I’ve been asked to include…

  • Elder Flowers

    Elder Flowers

    How wonderful to be with a DofE group today who were keen to understand and try out out edible wild plants. The small delicate flowers of the Elder were boiled up with sugar and a lemon flavoured drink powder (they didn‚Äôt have an orange or lemon). The elder flower water tasted good and hopefully will…

  • Buttermere Valley

    Buttermere Valley

    It started off as a bike ride around Rosedale on the North York Moors. Then my young scion suggested a day trip¬†to Lakes instead. So that’s how I ended up climbing Honister Pass and the first time in the Lakes without going on the fells.

  • Spawood Mine Powder House

    Spawood Mine Powder House

    Even in¬†the¬†bright summer¬†sunshine it’s dark beneath the tree canopy of Spawood near Slapewath. The powder house stored black powder, the explosive used in the ironstone mines. To minimise potential damage in the advent of¬†an explosion,¬†the building was¬†substantially¬†made¬†with thick walls buried¬†within the hillside some distance from the mine buildings. Spawood Mine was leased by the¬†Weardale, Coal…

  • Three Coast Charity Tractor Run

    Three Coast Charity Tractor Run

    Driving back through the village today I was surprised to find¬†30 or so vintage tractors parked up on the high¬†green. They were taking part in the Three Coast Charity Run from Liverpool to Whitby and back. Apparently it’s the longest annual vintage tractor road run in the world with¬†Great Ayton providing a welcome breather¬†where,¬†as you…

  • Park Nab

    Park Nab

    Late evening sunshine. View to Battersby Crag. And a request to include a link to the location. Here goes.

  • Strawberry Moon

    Strawberry Moon

    Today is the longest day of the year. The summer solstice. And it’s a full moon. The last time we had a full moon on the summer solstice was in 1967.¬†The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was top of the pops and Barclays bank was just days away from installing the first hole…

  • Start of Triathlon in Kielder Water

    Start of Triathlon in Kielder Water

    Kielder in the North Tyne valley is not the my most favourite place. Great if you like water sports of all sorts or fishing but too manicured and sanitized for me. And so so commercial. Superlatives abound. With 44 billion gallons Keider Water is the largest reservoir in the UK, has the largest hydro electric…