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  • South Gare

    South Gare

    Shipping forecast for sea area Tyne GALE WARNING issued 9 December 2019 09:54 UTC WIND Northwesterly, backing southerly, 7 to severe gale 9, then decreasing 4 to 6 for a time SEA STATE Rough or very rough. WEATHER Showers then rain. VISIBILITY Good, occasionally poor. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Whitby Abbey from Sandsend

    Whitby Abbey from Sandsend

    A right rowelly day at Sandsend. A great day for a walk on the beach. Down the coast, Whitby Abbey stands grandly on the cliffs veiled by the spray kicked up by the tummelly sea. Founded by Hild, the daughter of a Deiran prince, in the late 650s, the Abbey is most famous for the…

  • Duggerna Rocks, Kilkee

    Duggerna Rocks, Kilkee

    Why is watching huge Atlantic rollers crashing on the rocks so mesmerising? And watching a porpoise feeding in the shelter of the pier. And watching the sun go down.

  • Huntcliff


    From Saltburn pier. No surfers out today though wild breaking waves fueled by a piercing north wind. A running sea of sugar loaves. Gulls circled the pier hoovering up dropped chips. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • South Gare

    South Gare

    I think Redcar and Cleveland Council are missing a trick. South Gare, on a winter weekday morning was very busy. Dog walkers, bird watchers, folks just enjoying the bracing sea air, no fishermen this time though, must be the wrong time of tide. Yet the tip of the gare is fenced off, barred to the…