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  • Mount Snever Observatory

    Mount Snever Observatory

    To modern ears, the word ‘observatory’ is associated with telescopes and distant stars but the Mount Snever Observatory was built with the intention of viewing nature in all its glory. The 35 feet high belvedere tower is a somewhat austere structure, built in 1838 by John Wormald of Oldstead Hall to commemorate Queen Victoria’s coronation…

  • Coquet Island

    Coquet Island

    An RSPB reserve about 1½ km offshore at Amble. Apparently it’s home to a colony of Roseate Terns. In the 7th-century the monk Cuthbert, living as a hermit, met Ælfflæd, Abbess of Whitby here. The island’s isolation appealed to many later medieval hermits and became a Benedictine monastic cell linked to Tynemouth Priory. The tower…

  • St Germain’s Church Tower

    St Germain’s Church Tower

    When St. Germain’s church was demolished in the 1950s the Saxon tower was left standing as an essential navigation aid for boats sailing up and down the coast. Nowadays of course, with the advent of GPS, such landmarks are no longer required. The church had been rebuilt in 1821 when the spire was added to…

  • Chaine Memorial Tower

    Chaine Memorial Tower

    Two years ago I was waiting to catch the ferry from Larne and ended at the Chaine Tower. I pleasant quiet place to a pass an hour or so away from the hustle and bustle of the terminal. The stone tower was built at the entrance to Larne Lough as a memorial to James Chaine,…

  • Chaine Memorial Tower

    Chaine Memorial Tower

    A stone tower lighthouse at the entrance to Larne Lough and a memorial to James Chaine, a Member of Parliament for Antrim, who died in 1885. Chaine was instrumental in the development of the town and in the ferry service to Stranraer.

  • Castle Ward

    Castle Ward

    A lovely National Trust property at the south end of Strangford Lough. Game of Thrones fans might recognise the tower house as the town gate to Winterfell however in the film two towers are shown, one either side of the arched gateway. This was all done with the magic of cgi.

  • The Clock Tower, Wallington Hall

    The Clock Tower, Wallington Hall

    A second visit to this National Trust property in just over a week. This is the Clock Tower Gate providing the entrance to the courtyard and hall. A Grade I listed building it was designed originally as a chapel in 1754 by Daniel Garrett (no relation as far as I know).