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  • Circulus inextricabilis

    Circulus inextricabilis

    Remember back in October when I commented on the estate padlocking their newly constructed steps down to the Old Meggison waterfall in Kildale? Well, the steps have now gone, and a hundred metres or so of post and wire fencing has been erected along the riverside of the track in an attempt to restrict access…

  • Kirby Bank

    Kirby Bank

    Crossing Emerson’s fence on the climb up Kirby Bank from the Scout camp. I have already posted about the history of this fence before. A posting which although only from May this year, I had completely forgotten about. The fenceline was created as the result of a legal dispute in 1854 over potential ironstone mining…

  • Kirby Bank

    Kirby Bank

    Playing with the panoramic function on my phone. This is looking back on the climb up Cringle Moor. A rather dull drizzly morning brightened by the fields of rape in the Vale of Cleveland. The fence has a bit of history. It is on the line of the old boundary between two Lords. James Emerson,…

  • One of The Three Sisters

    One of The Three Sisters

    A late evening view across to Easby Moor from above Turkey Nab. The 1857 Ordnance Survey map names this spring as The Three Sisters (one of). Her other two sisters are each 500m away to the north and south-east. This spring now flows into a covered concrete tank surrounded by a rickety fence but the…

  • Codhill Heights

    Codhill Heights

    From Percy Cross.