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  • Ingleborough


    One of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. From the village of Rathmell in the Ribble valley. Late afternoon. A last gasp of sunshine on the limestone scarp above Austwick. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Tripsdale


    Another fine morning but a day of indecision. Driving up Clay Bank and into Bilsdale I had no idea where I was heading. Chop Gate I suppose but the car park was ignored and in the end, I parked at Fangdale Beck and headed east up onto Coniser Howl, a huge large expanse of heather…

  • Snotterdale


    A side shoot of Scugdale, I remember Snotterdale as a lovely little valley. But alas no Public Rights of Way exists through so it remains hidden from public gaze. I had the opportunity to explore the woods in 1996 when they were used to stage the Jan Kjellström orienteering relays. And, as far as I…

  • Barn at Castle Houses

    Barn at Castle Houses

    From the Ainthorpe to Little Fryup Dale road, a fine view over Danby and the Esk valley. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Great Langdale

    Great Langdale

    Blue skies today but the forecast is for rain tomorrow with a 20% chance of cloud free summits. 

  • Mosedale


    A neighbouring valley to yesterday’s post but far more significant, it’s watercourse, the River Caldrew, having a watershed covering perhaps half the Northern Fells. On the right Carrock Fell with its steep southern flank. A calmer day than yesterday but the high tops covered in cloud. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Nidderdale 


    Nidderdale and Gouthwaite Reservoir

  • An undercliff, Great Fryup Dale

    An undercliff, Great Fryup Dale

    I posted a photo of Great Fryup Dale last year when I wrote about my fascination for an area at the head of the valley called The Hills. A chaotic jumble of knolls, ridges and depressions. The same question returned. What caused this landscape? Quarrying? Alum extraction? Canon J.C. Atkinson, the vicar of Danby, also…

  • West Gill in North Dale

    West Gill in North Dale

    Reading the depressing news that a bird of prey had been shot in Rosedale earlier this week reminded me to head down that way. No precise location was given in the report so a toss of the dice saw me in West Gill, North Dale, a deep unfrequented gash in Rosedale Moor. A cracking day…

  • Little Fryup Dale

    Little Fryup Dale

    A glorious evening. The west side of Little Fryup Dale basks in the last rays of the setting sun. The name Fryup derives from the Anglo-Saxon pagan goddess Frige and hop meaning a small valley (link). So Little Fryup Dale means the little dale of the small valley of Frige. This double descriptive name is…