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  • Bracken bashing on Roseberry Common

    Bracken bashing on Roseberry Common

    A wet return to volunteering for the National Trust after the Coronavirus lockdown. A nice simple task to ease the rusty joints: bracken bashing, which also has the benefit of enforcing social distancing. The common was sprayed last year with a bracken specific herbicide so today was just keeping on top on any persistent fronds.…

  • Cotoneaster, Roseberry Common

    Cotoneaster, Roseberry Common

    The lull before Storm Brendon. Sporadic sunshine and a meander around Roseberry Common. This small tree full of brightly coloured red berries stood out amongst the muted browns and greens of the winter foliage. Berries bigger and redder than haws, not a rowan. Whereas birds have been almost stripped the neighbouring rowans and hawthorns bare…

  • Roseberry Common

    Roseberry Common

    An easy Monday, sauntering over Roseberry and to Newton Moor and down Ryston Bank. Young bracken fonds are beginning to dominate Roseberry Common. The zigzags of the paved Cleveland Way can be seen climbing Little Roseberry. A fine view to Guisborough and the North Sea beyond. Open Space Web-Map builder Code