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  • “The autumn rain-rot deeper and wider soaks”

    “The autumn rain-rot deeper and wider soaks”

    This autumnal carpet of dead leaves caught my eyes. The Scots have a word for a “circle of rotted dead leaves round the foot of a tree”: “Rain-rot”. Not to be confused with the modern useage for an equine skin disease. The word seems to have been a favourite of the Victorian English poet William…

  • Who was this Guy Fawkes anyway?

    Who was this Guy Fawkes anyway?

    I posted yesterday that Bonfire Night developed in celebration of the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot. Re-reading it, this sort of implied that it was unplanned public rejoicing, but although the first bonfires may have been lit spontaneously soon after he was captured as news quickly spread throughout the city, soon afterward Parliament made it…

  • Newton Wood

    Newton Wood

    Heavy overnight rain and winds have taken their toll on the autumnal colours, russets, browns and yellows. On the lower path in Newton Wood, a yellow carpet of fallen hazel leaves covers the woodland floor. With the onset of shorter days and cooler temperatures, complex chemical changes occur in the leaves. The concentration of sugar…

  • Newton Woods

    Newton Woods

    An early climb up Roseberry and back through Newton Wood looking glorious in its autumn colours, oak leaves refusing to fall. Overcast and dull. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Tripsdale


    In Bransdale on a dull, damp morning installing some rabbit fencing for the National Trust. Digging a trench to bury some chicken wire. That’ll stop the rabbits burrowing under. Up to my ankles in mud. The rabbits would need some serious snorkelling equipment. All not very photogenic so here’s a picture from yesterday. Tripsdale viewed…

  • Hutton Lowcross Woods

    Hutton Lowcross Woods

    The autumnal colours are really striking at the moment. I have always known these as Hutton Lowcross Woods. The Ordnance Survey map says so. But Forest England refers to all the contiguous woods from Roseberry Common to Slapewath as Guisborough Forest. They form a backdrop to the town of Guisborough, the “ancient capital of Cleveland”.…

  • Stocking Crags Wood, Bransdale

    Stocking Crags Wood, Bransdale

    A slow, misty drive over Rosedale Head. Past the Lion Inn, its solitary light pinpointing our position. Into lovely Stocking Crags Wood with its enrapturing colours and moss-covered boulders. Very autumnal. Cleaning up the bird boxes ready for next year’s tenants. Out with the old nest, just one tiny unhatched egg. And for the treecreepers…

  • Caldbeck Fells

    Caldbeck Fells

    Bright glorious sunshine this morning and then the sun disappeared, never seen again. Winds and rain soon followed.

  • Hutton Hall

    Hutton Hall

    Only appreciated in its wooded grounds from this height on Kemplah  Bank. Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease, Bart, M.P., had Hutton Hall built as his country pile in 1866 which even included its own private railway station on the North Eastern Railway at Hutton Gate. The Pease money came from the railways, coal and iron, built…