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  • Byland Abbey

    Byland Abbey

    In its heyday, Byland Abbey ranked alongside Rievaulx and Fountains as one of the three great monasteries of the north. But the Cistercian order from Savigny took 43 years to found a permanent site for their monastery. It began across the Pennines when, in 1134, a community of monks from Furness Abbey set out to…

  • Hilda and the petrified snakes

    Hilda and the petrified snakes

    I’ve been two days now in a virtual Scotland. Long enough, time to head south. This is the classic view of Whitby Abbey, founded by St. Hilda in the 7th-century. Of course, she wasn’t a saint when she first stood on this cliff overlooking the small settlement of Streanæshealh at the mouth of the Esk…

  • Whitby Abbey from Sandsend

    Whitby Abbey from Sandsend

    A right rowelly day at Sandsend. A great day for a walk on the beach. Down the coast, Whitby Abbey stands grandly on the cliffs veiled by the spray kicked up by the tummelly sea. Founded by Hild, the daughter of a Deiran prince, in the late 650s, the Abbey is most famous for the…

  • Mainistir Achaidh Mhóir

    Mainistir Achaidh Mhóir

    The ruins of the 6th-century Ahamore Abbey, overlooking Derrynane Bay in County Kerry and lying on the appropriately named Abbey Island which only lives up to being its status of being an island at the highest spring tide.

  • Rievaulx⁩ Abbey

    Rievaulx⁩ Abbey

    The image of the life Cistercian monk is one of austerity, hard manual work and self-sufficiency, and one of the first Cistercian monasteries to be founded in the North of England was in the valley of the River Rye at Rievaulx⁩, in 1132. Seen here from the National Trust’s Rievaulx⁩ Terrace property, it grew to…

  • Fountains Abbey

    Fountains Abbey

    A 12th-century Cistercian abbey owned by the National Trust. Its World Heritage Site status makes it a very popular venue. We arrived early before the Sunday crowds. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Egglestone Abbey

    Egglestone Abbey

    Bit of a cheat today. This photo of Egglestone Abbey near Barnard Castle was taken just a couple of metres from the van on my way home. I did however run past it yesterday and had mentally logged the location. Knowing I would have to take the dog out up my local hill when I got home…