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  • Cliff Rigg and Great Ayton from Roseberry

    Cliff Rigg and Great Ayton from Roseberry

    We are informed from Great Ayton near Gisborough, in Yorkshire; that a mad Cat has lately bit two Women, a Horse, and also several other Creatures at some Miles Distance from the Place it belonged to. As it is found by Experience, this Malady (which is much more terrible in the Human Species than Death […]

  • Where is the Elephant Hole?

    Where is the Elephant Hole?

    The National park have recently been at worked erectly a new kissing gate, steps and fingerpost below Aireyholme Farm. One ‘finger’ confuses me, it points to the ‘Elephant Hole’. Where exactly is the ‘Elephant Hole’? Some opinion seems to be that it is the large bowl at the top of Cliff Rigg. But if this […]

  • The Cleveland Dyke

    The Cleveland Dyke

    I ‘discovered’ this viewpoint the other day. It nicely illustrates the route of that intrusion of igneous rock known as Cleveland Dyke. The Cleveland Dyke was formed about 59 million years ago when an immense hot spot of pressurised molten magma developed under the Earth’s crust near the island of Mull off the west coast […]

  • A view from Cliff Rigg

    A view from Cliff Rigg

    In the distance, the Cleveland Hills look gloomy and drab. Breaks in the cloud allow patches of sunlight to flit across the vale. Near right is Undercliffe House, built of whinstone setts. December 9th, sixteen days left until Christmas and the day designated by the United Nations as ‘International Anti-Corruption Day‘. The theme this year […]

  • Flying on a wing and a prayer

    Flying on a wing and a prayer

    Now that the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference is underway in Glasgow I was hoping to feature a photo that shows the effect of climate change on our North York Moors. But, unless you live in an area which has been subjected to flooding or fires, any effects are either incrementally small or subtle. Right […]

  • “Give us our eleven days”

    “Give us our eleven days”

    So the story goes when the Gregorian Calendar was introduced and the 3rd September became the 14th, but it may all have been some satire generated by the artist William Hogarth. The phrase is included in his painting ‘An Election Entertainment‘ (bottom right on a black banner under the foot of a gentlemen who appears […]

  • A live posting

    A live posting

    Thought I would take an evening stroll. It’s very quiet up here on Cliff Ridge. Just the odd car moving below. Anything happening in the world? Only kidding. But I’m not the least interested in watching football. Of course, I want England to win, for the delight of my family and friends. But what irritates […]

  • On the 1st April 1933 …

    On the 1st April 1933 …

    … the Nazis carried out their very first nationwide, planned action against the Jewish people, an economic boycott of Jewish businesses (although large employers were exempted). It was the first openly anti-Semitic act of Hitler’s new government and was ostensively in response to international protests, notably in America, in support of the Jews but also […]

  • What’s the problem with Stinking Willie?

    What’s the problem with Stinking Willie?

    Common ragwort, the bane of horsey people. Also known as St James’ Wort, Staggerwort, Stammerwort, Yellow tops, and, the best of all, Mare’s fart. Those who keep horses are religious about labouriously hand pulling every plant from their paddocks. Yet horses and other grazing animals find it bitter and will not normally eat the growing […]

  • Cliff Rigg Quarry

    Cliff Rigg Quarry

    Feeling under the weather so haven’t ventured far. Two ascents of Cliff Rigg with its huge hole left by the whinstone industry. The tooth of rock is the remnant of a wall of whinstone left as shoring to stop the weaker shales from collapsing. In the distance, is Capt. Cook’s Monument of Easby Moor Open […]