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Roseberry Topping: Repairing the Path, Rain or Shine

A rather damp day prompted a brisk ascent up Roseberry, where I observed the ongoing path repairs. I was actually quite surprised to see the contractors toiling in such inclement weather. A week after the helicopter delivered the rough stone blocks, the work has progressed commendably.

The path, stretching 416 metres from the gate out of Newton Wood to the summit and rising 120 metres, is undergoing a thorough restoration. On the steeper sections nearer the summit, the stone will be ‘pitched’ or stepped, with regular drainage channels to mitigate water flow. This ancient technique, dating back to Roman Britain, involves setting large stones with their flat surfaces upward and locking them together with other stones and soil to form a solid path.

In the gentler lower sections, aggregate will replace pitching, offering an easier walking surface. This process will expose the subsoil rich in particles and small stones. Stone blocks will reinforce the path edges, with stone steps and drainage channels added as needed. A top layer of aggregate will then bind the path, creating a comfortable and robust surface intended to blend seamlessly with the landscape. A second helicopter lift is due to deliver the 40 tonnes of aggregate required.







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