Saltburn Pier

A classic view of Saltburn pier with the funicular railway in front. The pier was opened in 1869 and was originally 1500 feet long. It quickly became popular and a stop on the Bridlington to Hartlepool steamer route. In 1875 the pier was battered in an October storm and was reduced to 1250 feet. In 1924 the S.S. Ovenbeg crashed into the pier resulting in a gap of 200 feet and severe storms in the 1950s caused further damage.  A particular storm in 1974 further reduced the length and wiped out the glass sided saloon on the pier head. It was restored to its present length of 681 feet in the 1990s. A Grade II listed building.

The funicular railway was opened in 1884 and works by filling a tank beneath one car at the top with water. The car now being heavier begins to descend and pulls up the other car. The water is then pumped back up to the top. 120 feet of cliff is climbed at an incline of 71%.

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