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A view from Cliff Rigg

In the distance, the Cleveland Hills look gloomy and drab. Breaks in the cloud allow patches of sunlight to flit across the vale. Near right is Undercliffe House, built of whinstone setts.

December 9th, sixteen days left until Christmas and the day designated by the United Nations as ‘International Anti-Corruption Day‘. The theme this year is ‘Your right, your role: Say no to corruption‘.

The United Kingdom as a member of the United Nations, observes this day. The Cabinet Office tweeted this morning :

Ten years ago, the Bribery Act 2010 was enacted into UK law. It is said to be the international “gold standard” for bribery legislation1Wilmerhale.com. (2021). Bribery Act 2010: Ten Years On. [online] Available at: https://www.wilmerhale.com/en/insights/blogs/wilmerhale-w-i-r-e-uk/20210521-bribery-act-2010-ten-years-on [Accessed 9 Dec. 2021].. Although the Act has certainly impacted corporate and public office culture in respect of bribery, there seems to be many other ways that malversation can be carried out by unscrupulous holders of public office.







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