St Helen’s Church, Aldcambus

On the road again. Heading north of the border, and stopped for a break. Spotted “St Helen’s Church (rems of)” in Gothic font on the map so an excuse for a run along the north Berwickshire coast.

The church is considered to be early 12th-century. Dedicated to St. Helen, who was the mother of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great, it served the former parish of Aldcambus (Old Cambus) until that merged with the parish of Cocksburnpath following the Reformation in 15601“Old Cambus (Also Called: Aldcambus and St Helen’s-On-Lea), Berwickshire.” CRSBI, 2013, Accessed 9 May 2021.2“Old Cambus, St Helen’s Church | Canmore.”, 2021, Accessed 9 May 2021..

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