The River Leven at Great Ayton

I’ve never seen these on the Leven before. Presumably after trout. A bit pretentious for my liking, in the middle of the village.

There’s a difference of opinion as to the original of the name Leven. Both say it’s Celtic.  One possibility is ‘llevn’ meaning smooth1Banks, W.S. “Walks in Yorkshire” 1866., or another is ‘Leuan‘, a water-nymph2Morris, R.W. “Yorkshire through Place Names”. David & Charles. 1982 ISBN 0-7153-8230-6. It’s interesting that many of Yorkshire’s rivers have names which are Celtic in origin: Esk, Ouse, Don, Calder, Derwent, Dove, Aire, Nidd, and Ure. Names which have survived the Roman and Viking influences.

The other point of note in the photograph, particularly relevant at this time, is the Union Jack flying on the Conservative Club on the right. Yes, I know some reckon that it should be called the Union Flag and that Union Jack should only apply when it is used as a jack flag on a ship but that is simply an opinion, either is right. In fact, no law has ever been passed making the Union Flag/Jack the national flag of the United Kingdom, though it has become one through usage3Wikipedia Contributors. “Union Jack.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 27 Mar. 2021, Accessed 28 Mar. 2021..

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